Dog Walking

30 Minutes

Do you know your dog doesn't just want a walk, they need a walk! A walk is important for exercise, sensory stimulation and to reduce anxiety and boredom.  No time? At  work all day? No problem.  We will bring your dog for a much needed walk.

Quick Potty Visit

15 Minutes

Does your pet get a walk and just need a potty break while you're at work? We will let your dog out into your fenced yard so they can relieve themselves. 


30 Minutes

A happy dog naps every 3 to 4 hours. When you are home, it can interrupt  their sleep cycle causing them to act out or be moody.  Lack of sleep also weakens ther immune system making them more prone to sickness,  We can come play with your dog and stimulate their mind to make sure they are ready for a nap when we leave.

Dog Taxi

15 Minutes

Does your dog need a lift to daycare? We will pick your dog up and deliver them to a local daycare. They will be securely fastened in the car during their ride.

Pet Care Visit

30 Minutes

Long day at work? We will feed your pet, play with your pet or whatever it is that your pet needs. 


Frequently asked questions

Cost & Payment

How much do you charge for walks?

Every pet is different and every pet owner has different needs. When looking for a dog walker, you should always request a consultation before receiving a price. We provide free consultations for new clients to assess your pet's needs and provide pricing appropriately.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Zelle & Paypal.

Do you offer discounts?

We are a locally owned small business and take great pride in the care we provide. We are unable to offer discounts. We cannot cut prices because we don't cut corners when we are caring for your pet.


Are you licensed?

We are licensed, bonded, insured and background checked.

What kind of animals do you car for?

Most of our experience is with dogs and cats however, we will be happy to discuss your needs with other pets. Prancing Pets cares for its team members. Safety is our first priority. We regret that we are unable to care for any animal that has bitten or is aggressive to other animals or people.

Am I given a dedicated pet sitter or dog walker?

I will always visit with your pet for the initial visits. I will observe your pets behavior so I know what your pet likes. Once a comfort level has been obtained, I will introduce your pet to other sitters. We rotate sitters so things will always be exciting for your pet!

Do you board pets?

We do not board pets. We only do visits in your home.

What services do you offer?

30, 45 or 60 minute walks, 15 minute potty break, 30 minute feed and walk. Please visit our services page to learn more. This is just a basic outline of the pet services we offer. We are happy to accommodate any special needs your pet may have.

Pet Taxi