Hi, I'm Nancy Patterson

Over 30 Years of Pet Care Experience

My name is Nancy (Romoser) Patterson..  I have been caring for pets for over 30 years.  Several years ago, I rescued a dog, that changed my life.  I should say, he rescued me. He certainly chose me.  


I walked in and had no intention of leaving with another dog.  I already had two rescues.  He would not leave my side.  He made sure I noticed him.  That was only the beginning. 

There's No Place like Home

When I brought him home, I knew it would be an uphill battle. That was an understatement. He had been abused and was very reactive. Even though he was small, he was fearless and tough.  I had to walk him around my house on a leash because he would go after my other two dogs.  I knew he had to learn to trust me.  I slept on the kitchen floor with him and held him every night, even though he resisted.  He scratched me and did everything to push me away.  I never gave up on him.


One day, instead of scratching me, he rested his head on my lap.  I cried.  I knew that I was making progress.  He raised his head and licked my tears. From that moment on he started prancing around with confidence. He is now the loving and playful dog he was intended to be.  


He opened my eyes. What I thought was happiness, didn't compare to how I felt at that moment. I knew helping him learn to love and trust enabled him to feel and enjoy life. I always loved taking care of animals.  I knew from that moment on, it was time for me to follow my passion.  I have never looked back.  I truly love my job as a dog walker and caring for pets.




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